The Shining Tusk Clan

While nearly all civilized Orcs have strong ties to strength, honor and battle there are some that have made their entire lives revolve around these tenants. These Orcs are The Shining Tusk.

The Shining Tusk is the closest thing to a Paladin order on the face of Miraval. These stalwarts exemplify honor, yet are not imprisoned by it. Mirval, and it’s inhabitants are their primary concern and they have dedicated their lives to destroying the Kez’rakai and their minions.

Joining the Shining Tusk is no small feat, Orc cubs whose sires believe to have the potential are presented for evaluation between ages 7 and 13. The evaluations occur once every 7 years, and are held at that year’s Tuskmeet in the shadow of Frostbite Ridge. The test is rigorous and it’s nature is kept quite secret, yet it is said that during the tests a sign will be given through the cub directly from the Warseat (the Orc Pantheon of Gods.) Following this sign the cub will be accepted to the Order for life, and all other vows and bonds to other clans are nullified.

Initiation is a 6 year process, and those who successfully complete their initiation are sent out as a pack (or mini clan) for their Exile. The pack spends 1 year deep in the mountains, surviving through teamwork and tenacity. During this year the pack is focused on not simply survival, but also on locating Ka’ ra’ nok, or the Shining Spring. The Mithril spring is said to bubble up from within the mountains of the Basin for a short time, and only through listening to the Gods and following the path set before them will a pack find the elusive spring.

Once locating the spring the pack harvests some of the liquid mithril, and is charged with keeping it safe until the end of their Exile. The pack presents themselves at Tuskmeet in the shadow of Frostbite Ridge as an example to the newly chosen crop of clansmen. Their precious cargo is then blessed by each of the five priests of the Warseat and then their tusks are encased in the molten liquid, forever shining with the mithril provided to them by the gods.

It is an important note that in the history of the Clan not a single cub has failed initiation, and not a single pack has returned to Tuskmeet empty handed. Orcish clans universally regard this statistic as a testament to the Gods choices of clan members, as well as the training of the Clan.

The clan is currently chieftained by Rathgar Bonescraper, who has led the clan for nearly fifty years, and has recently witnessed the return of the 7th successful pack from Exile under his leadership.

The Shining Tusk Clan

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