The Species of Miraval



Dwarves are one of the most prolific surviving races on Miraval. Their hardiness and perserverance has contributed vastly to their survival. However it’s been several centuries since Dwarves were able to live in their ancestral subterranean homes. Currently Dwarves reside in cities and towns carved out of rather than into the mountain, In a style similar to Anasazi Native Americans. (Dwarves use the racial template contained in the SW: Fantasy Companion.)

  • Low Light Vision
  • Slow: Pace of 5
  • Tough d6 vigor at character creation


The smattering of elves that remain have taken shelter in the ancient woods and forests. There they have almost entirely turned their backs on the arcane arts, and focus instead on druidic and naturalistic magic. Few, if any of the Elven elders remain and at this point most elves are quite young and seeking to restore the glory of this once ancient civilization. (elves use the racial template provided in the Fantasy Companion).

  • Agile: d6 agility at character creation
  • All Thumbs hindrance
  • Low light vision)


Free humans are not plentiful. The human drive to ambition and power led many of them to easily be swayed by the Kezrakai. Those who have have not allied themselves with the Kezrakai range in walks of life, but almost all remaining arcane mages in Miraval are human. (humans follow standard SW character creation rules)


The Third War has led to the rise in prominence of a handful of races. Races who had previously been considered monsters, or subhuman now stand at the forefront of history. The Orcs are the foremost example of this phenomenon. This species of gray, brown and mahogany skinned beings have allied their clans into a loose Confederation with a population that rivals Dwarves in number. With a warrior culture that revolves around strength, honor and battle the Orcs are one of Miraval’s paramount defenses against the Kez’rakai.

The Orcish gods are among the only deities not to have deserted Miraval during the Dread Awakening, and Orcs are one of the only races with religion. Indeed the Clan of the Shining Tusk is a Templar like order that uses their religious beliefs as the basis for their way of life.

In Savage Worlds Orcs receive the following bonuses and hindrances at character creation.

  • Strong: d6 str at creation
  • Low light vision
  • Orcs are also deeply in tune with their inner warrior spirit and gain a free d6 in fighting simply from their upbringing.
  • Vow hindrance (minor) Taken to their tribe of origin
  • Orcs are still overcoming their reputation as marauders and monsters, and this coupled with their still animalistic countenances cause all orcs to receive a -2 to their charisma.


The Ssthra, like orcs, were initially regarded as monsters. However with the downfall of humanity and other demi human empires the Ssthra rose. Many of these anthropomorphic lizardmen serve the Kezrakai, but there are also a fair number who do not. The Ssthra are adaptable and resilient, having adapted to nearly every environment on the continent. Ssthra are highly shamanistic and are quite in touch with the elements of the world. Ssthra shaman are prolific.

The Ssthra receive the following racial benefits at character creation.

  • Ssthra can use their claws, teeth and tails in combat, and thus have natural weapons (str + d4 unarmed combat damage).
  • The Ssthra are so used to fighting with two hands and thus receive the Two-Fisted edge for free.
  • Ssthra are also still evolving and are possessed of many of their more animalistic qualities, including low light vision and the ability to tap a secondary adrenal gland at will. This gives them access to the raise trait power with a special 5 point power pool for this power. This power pool regenerates at the rate of 1/hr and is unaffected by Rapid Recharge.
  • However, having only recently achieved sentience the Ssthra aren’t the smartest creature on the planet, and it requires 2 points per die type to raise their smarts at character creation.
  • The Ssthra were initially a grunt force of the Kezra’kai and have only recently began to have tribes that have broken away. As such the Ssthra are distrusted by the majority of the world, and are at a -2 charisma.
  • This is much worse with humans, whose empires were swarmed under by Ssthra early during the third war. Humans and Ssthra are at a -4 penalty to their charisma when dealing with one another. (Racial Enemy)


The Tera’ni were a parting gift from the goddess Zyriana following the Dread Awakening. As all the rest of of Miraval’s pantheon fled into the Aether Zyriana chose instead to sacrifice herself in an effort to protect her children and the world. Following her sacrifice a single massive tree grew in the center of the forest near Zefyron’s Bastion. Occasionally this tree, referred to as Zyriana’s Gift, will bloom and drop seeds. These seeds will grow into Tera’ni, strange plant men of all forms. No larger than orcs or men the Tera’ni resemble plants in all forms. From mushrooms, to trees to flower they are among the most diverse races in all of Miraval. Despite being born of the earth the Tera’ni seem to have almost no connection the the magicks of Miraval. However they possess a natural strength and bark like skin that makes them excellent warriors. What’s interesting about Tera’ni is that they are almost child like in all other respects.

  • The Tera’ni are a resilient plant people receiving a +1 to their toughness
  • +2 natural armor
  • Immune to poison.
  • Their bodies are also covered with vines that can be used to entangle their enemies when they are touched. (This gives them access to the Entangle power with a special 5 point power pool for this power. This power pool regenerates at the rate of 1/hr and is unaffected by Rapid Recharge.)
  • Tera’ni do not possess a soul, and as such raising their Spirit score can never advance beyond a d6 even during play.
  • Similarly their connections to the arcane forces of Miraval are strained at best, and any arcane background requires two points per step to raise during character generation, and 2 advancements to raise during play.

The Species of Miraval

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