In the wake of the Third War

2000 years ago a group of adventurers unleashed an apocalypse on the world, and the races of Miraval have been paying the price ever since. In short order the armies of the Kez’rakai swept through the defenses of Miraval and decimated the populace. Many were slain. The great empires fell, swept away by the unrelenting demonic onslaught. Yet their were survivors. Those who didn’t surrender, those who did not accept enslavement. In the midst of the occupation by the Kez’rakai and their minions the remaining peoples have banded together in an effort to carve out a semblance of survival in the ruins and the frontiers.

A millenia passed and the hostilities waned to a dull roar. The Kez’rakai and their minions control the majority of the continent, and the demonic creatures faded back into the Nether, leaving a few lieutenants and their mortal minions to oversee their affairs. The resistance continued to carve out a life for themselves, building cities from the ruins and rebuilding their cultures. New races have risen to prominence and have formed small empires. However, these Empires have grown too strong. Too numerous. Recently purges and attacks have begun along their frontier cities and war camps. It is said that more Kez’rakai have come from within the Nether, and that this time they aim to finish the job. The perpetual Third War marches on.

Throughout the resistance war camps, however, rumors are rampant. Rumors that the key to salvation has been found. In the haunted ruins of Zefyron’s Bastion a secret gathering has been called, and your superiors have seen fit to summon you to attend with them. Something big is happening, something that will alter the course of Miraval… forever.

Freedom Call - A Miraval One Shot

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