The Dread Awakening and the Start of the Third War

2000 years ago a small group of advance scouts was sent to investigate odds goings on deep in the mountains. Three dwarves headed deep into the mountains. Reports from a survivor claim that a single gnome at some point joined the group, but that has never been confirmed.

The expedition survivor claims they discovered the ancient city of Kazad-Arizhuf, however again this cannot be confirmed. Whatever they discovered however had dire consequences. The curious gnome is reported to have located a device known as the Eternium Coil and with this device managed to release some sort of long dormant evil.

Modern scholars know that this event, now referred to as The Dread Awakening, was the shattering of the seals that had kept the Kez’rakai locked in the Nether. This Dread Awakening heralded the beginning of the Third War. This war left the world of Miraval in ruins. A majority of the few remaining Gnomes were wiped out, and it is rumored that any still alive are enslaved by the Kez’rakai and their minions. Humanity’s penchant for the arcane attracted the immediate attention of the invaders from the Nether and they were soon left as a shell of the empire they had once been.

The war has raged for nearly two millenia, though hostilities are mostly cold at this point. The Kez’rakai, having left this world in ruins turned their attention to other wars, leaving their mortal minions and lesser lieutenants in charge. With a majority of the empires of Miraval decimated, and the rest driven into remote regions to struggle for survival the Kez’rakai’s worshippers and minions settled in to an oppressive occupation of Miraval.

These minions went about the systematic depopulation of several of the races of Miraval. Gnomes were already mentioned, but Elves were also driven nearly to extinction, and the crowning event of this extermination took place 50 years ago. A secret war council of resistant factions was called together, including the entirety of the Elven Elder’s. The conference was revealed to be a hoax, and the Elder’s were among the casualties of the massacre. Thousands lost their lives that night, including almost all of the mature elves. This catastrophe stole the knowledge of the Elves and has left the remaining Elves a nearly infant state in comparison to other races.

In the Northern half of the continent a few cultures have continued to grow. Dwarves and Orcs outnumber the remainder of the other races and form the brunt of the groups still doing war with the Kez’rakai’s minions. The Ssthra and Tera’ni as well as those remaining humans continue to struggle for survival as well.

The Dread Awakening and the Start of the Third War

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