Skyspeaker Ssaulren

Chief Speaker for the Unified Tribes of the Ssthra


Ssaulren is a hulking warrior of a Sstrha. Shorter in height than many Sstrha his compact build is powerful, and he bears the scars of a seasoned warrior. His tail was bifurcated during an early misadventure of youth, and has had a steel attachment mounted to the end.


Following the Dread Awakening and the initiation of the third war the Ssthra rose to prominence as grunt troops for the Kez’rakai. Throughout the war, however, small tribes of Ssthra found Enlightenment and broke free from Kez’rakai control and formed societies and cultures of their own.

Over time these tribes united as regions, one massive overtribe for the Ssthra of the Sands and one massive overtribe for the Ssthra of the Swamps. Self preservation and the desire to form a true society led to the unification of the overtribes through marriage. Ssaulren, Speaker of the Swamps and Lyssana, Speaker of the Sands. Once married the pair became Speakers of the Sky and Earth respectively.

Since the first unification the eldest daughter of the ruling clan of the Sands is married tot he Speakers’ eldest son. Following the marriage the pair changes their names to Ssaulren and Lyssana as a Symbol of the unification.

The current Ssaulren is technically Ssaulren the VII.

Skyspeaker Ssaulren

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